Constant crying of the baby in air travel gives tension, these tips will come in handy

Most people think about traveling that they just have to reach the destination somehow, while some enjoy the journey and reach the destination. Traveling often becomes a headache for parents of small children and the main reason for this is the child’s bullying. Many times such parents get excessively upset while traveling due to the constant crying of the child. Are you also one of such parents, who often face this problem during plane travel or air travel. We are going to tell you some such effective tips, with the help of which the flight journey can be made easier. Learn….

toys will come in handy

You should find ways to amuse the child in flight. In such a situation, the idea of ​​toys will be the best, because toys are the all-time favorite of children. If the given toy is the child’s favorite, then it can remain calm to some extent.

Do this during take off and landing

If your baby cries when the plane takes off and lands, feed him during that time. During breastfeeding the baby will not feel pain in the ear and will not cry either. Actually, there is a lot of noise in the take off and landing of the plane and small children are not able to keep themselves normal in this situation.

Travel by air at this time

Parents know the sleeping time of the child very well. Your child may panic on seeing the noise or crowd, in such a situation, you should go to the time plane when it is time for him to sleep. If the journey is short, then it can be completed in the sleep of the child.

keep calm

The problem of crying bothers not only the child but also his parents and the passengers around him. In such a situation, parents get angry and force the child to cry more. In this condition, first you should calm yourself down and then find ways to pacify the child.

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