Children get many diseases in monsoon, get this vaccine for prevention

Monsoon During the rainy season the humidity in the air decreases. During this various bacteria become active. Due to not taking care of hygiene, these bacteria enter the body. Due to which many types of diseases are caused.
kids this season flu There is more to be. Because children are unable to take care of hygiene and eat food without washing hands. In such a situation, doctors advise that to protect children from diseases in this season, they must get the flu vaccine.

Doctors say that flu is caused by influenza. This is a viral infection. It also goes into the body through the air. According to Senior Physician Dr. Ajay Kumar, the possibility of flu outbreak during monsoon is high. Its risk is higher in children. Due to flu, they may complain of cold, cough, fever, body ache and sore throat. To prevent this, it is important that children get the flu vaccine. Because sometimes the symptoms of flu can be severe and children may also have to be admitted to the hospital. Apart from flu, stomach related diseases also increase significantly in this season. In such a situation, special care should be taken of the health of the children.

When to get the flu vaccine

The baby can get the flu vaccine after 6 months of birth. The flu vaccine also protects against diseases such as pneumonia. Children who have pneumonia may have trouble with the change of seasons. The flu vaccine is 60 to 80 percent effective and protects children from many diseases. There may be mild fever and pain at the injection site for a day or two after the vaccine, but there are no side effects of the flu vaccine.

This vaccine is necessary for children with weak immunity

According to Dr., children who have allergies or often have problems with cough, cold, they must get the flu vaccine. Because the immunity of such children is low and if they get flu then the child’s health can deteriorate. Apart from getting the flu vaccine, parents also need to pay attention to the hygiene of their children. For this it is important that children wash their hands before eating and avoid eating street food.

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