Cervical cancer has these five stages, know how this disease spreads

Cervical cancer: Most cases after breast cancer in women cervical cancer Let’s come. Every year the cases of this disease are increasing in India. Most of the cases of cervical cancer are reported in advanced stage. The death rate of women from this cancer is also very high. It is a matter of concern that now even at a young age, women are falling prey to this. However, to avoid this disease the vaccine is also available, but due to lack of awareness, people are not aware of it. Doctors say that cervical cancer four stage There are In these, the fourth stage is fatal.

Dr. Suman Lal, director of Obstetrics and Gynecology at Max Hospital, Gurugram, explains that cervical cancer
Caused by infection with the human papillomavirus (HPV). It spreads through sexual activity. Cases of this cancer come only in women. There are five stages of this cancer. In stage 0, cancer cells start forming in summer. After this comes the first stage. In this, cancer tissue starts growing in the heat. In the second stage, cancer starts spreading in the pelvic area. In the fourth stage, this cancer starts spreading from the pelvis to the liver and other parts. To prevent cervical cancer, it is very important to keep getting regular checkups and careful screening done.

symptoms of cervical cancer

bleeding after periods

severe pain after intercourse

persistent pelvic pain

Discharge from private part without reason

save like this

According to doctors, if cervical cancer is detected at the right time, it can be avoided. But for this continuous screening is required. Every woman should undergo cancer screening after the age of 35. Due to this, the disease is identified and treated in time. Apart from this, it is also necessary to have safe sex. Get the HPV vaccine after the age of 9 to prevent cervical cancer. These vaccines are available in hospitals.

If the cervical cancer vaccine is taken at an early age, then up to 80 percent of cancer can be prevented. Cervical testing can detect the HPV virus, while smear tests can detect pre-cancerous symptoms. Cervical cancer can be easily prevented by getting both these tests done regularly.

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