Cervical cancer: Get this vaccine at this age, there will be no risk of cancer

Cervical Cancer Prevention Tips: around the world every year cervical cancer The cases are increasing. Cervical cancer is the second most common case of women after breast cancer. It is a matter of concern that the cases of this disease are also increasing in India. There are 122,844 cases of this cancer every year in the country. Of these, about 68 thousand women die. The reason for this is that most of the cases are reported in the advanced stage. Due to which it becomes very difficult to treat.

Doctors tell that the symptoms of cervical cancer start appearing at an early age, but women do not pay attention to them and go to the doctor only when the disease progresses. Many times it is seen that the disease is detected in the last stage itself. According to doctors, there is also a vaccine to prevent cervical cancer, but people are not aware of it.

Let us know from the experts that at what age the vaccine can be given to prevent cervical cancer and what is its cost.

HPV vaccine protects against cervical cancer

Oncologist Dr. Anurag Kumar explains that cervical cancer is caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) virus. HPV virus is responsible for 99 percent of the cases of this cancer. This virus spreads through sexual infection. There are many types of HPV vaccines available for the prevention of this virus and prevention of cervical cancer and they can be administered in hospitals. This is called the HPV vaccine. The HPV vaccine creates antibodies against the virus in the body of women. In such a situation, when virus infection occurs in the body, then this antibody fights with it and cancer is prevented. One shot of this vaccine is also sufficient for girls aged 9 to 14 years. This vaccine should be given only at the age of 9 to 14 years. The risk of getting cervical cancer from this vaccine is very less.

Vaccine has also been developed in India

Cervical cancer vaccine has also been developed in India. This vaccine named Quadrivalent Human Papilloma Virus has been prepared by SII. It has also been included in the official vaccination of India. This vaccine is much cheaper than other vaccines. Its price is expected to be 200 to 400 rupees. Soon vaccination will also be started with this vaccine.

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