Cancer risk from toilet paper too! Know what the new research says

Amidst the rapid development, the use of toilet paper has also increased a lot. It is better in terms of cleanliness but many such dangerous chemicals are used in making it which are poisonous. People flush them after using them in the toilet, due to which these dangerous chemical toilet paper goes into the river or drains and poisons the water. In fact, a new research has been done in America and it has been found that water is becoming poisonous due to the chemical present in toilet paper. According to research, toilet paper contains Per-and-Poly Fluoro-Alkyl Substance (Forever Chemical), which is flushed in the toilets. This study has been done at the University of Florida, USA. 21 popular paper brands were examined during the study. These chemicals can cause cancer, liver disease, heart disease and fetal complications. This paper is prepared through 14 thousand types of forever chemical. KB Singh, director of Allele Life Sciences Pvt Ltd Lab, says that the base for making toilet paper is cellulose paper, which is a natural resource but some chemicals are used to sanitize it. Chemicals like chlorine, fluorine and some alcohol are used. These get into the water through sewage. This water is used by animals and humans, due to which the risk of cancer and other serious diseases increases. In the whole world, more than 27 thousand trees are cut daily to make toilet paper. Environmentalist Manu Singh says that tissue paper or toilet paper contains PFS which are also called forever chemicals, these are very dangerous chemicals. It can cause skin cancer if it comes in contact with the skin. Liver and kidney related diseases can also be the reason. It is said that 14000 such deadly chemicals are in toilet paper. Easy soluble and biodegradable toilet paper should be made for cleanliness. A man in India uses an average of 123 grams of toilet paper and this figure is much less than in America. But there is a need to work on it.. It is necessary to connect with nature and use only organic products.

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