Can homeopathic medicines protect against new variants of Covid? Learn expert’s opinion

Homeopathic medicines for covid: in many countries of the world covid The cases are increasing. Although the situation with Corona in India is normal and the cases of Kavid are continuing to decline in all other states except Kerala. At present, the cases of Kovid are increasing in China, America and Japan. Omicron in China bf.7 variant and in America xbb 1.5 variant The graph of Covid is increasing. Both these are the new sub-variants of the Omicron. Their cases have also come in India.

People take many types of medicines to prevent Kovid. Most of these medicines are allopathic, but can homeopathy medicines also protect against new variants of Kovid? Let us know what the experts have to say about this.

Dr. Batra’s Healthcare Chairman Emeritus Dr. Mukesh Batra It is said that homeopathy can be a compensatory immunity booster against new variants of Kovid, but not every medicine in homeopathy is effective in protecting against new variants of Kovid. These medicines can have different effects on people. About 10 years before Kovid, homeopathy medicine proved to be very effective in diseases like encephalitis in Japan. No case of this disease was recorded after taking the medicine.

Homeopathic medicines increase immunity

There are many medicines in homeopathy that increase immunity, while some reduce the symptoms of Kovid. According to the National Center for Biotechnology Information, homeopathic medicines strengthen the immune system, which protects against any disease or virus. Many times other medicines do not strengthen immunity, but homeopathic medicines have not caused any harm to the body. By taking these, immunity is good and there is protection from repeated diseases.

Do not take medicines unnecessarily

Ever since the Corona epidemic, people have been taking antibiotics for cough, cold or fever. This is causing antibiotic resistance in the body. Senior Physician Dr. Arun Shah says that due to excessive consumption of medicines, their effect on the patients is now stopping. This is making it difficult to treat. Many allopathic medicines are such that people are consuming them regularly and they are harming the health. This is also affecting the immunity of the body.

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