Can H3N2 virus also drop oxygen level like Kovid? Know the opinion of doctors

H3N2 Virus: for the past three years corona virus people competing now influenza virus are facing. subtypes of influenza A H3N2 virus cases are increasing continuously, Due to this virus, three patients have died in the country. H-3N-2 The symptoms are also similar to Kovid to a large extent. Most of the patients of this virus are recovering easily, but it is a matter of concern that like Kovid, H-3N2 can also drop the level of oxygen in the body, due to which there is a risk of death. Why does influenza cause low oxygen levels and who is more at risk? To know this, we have talked to experts.

Why does the oxygen level decrease in the body

Department of Pulmonology at Moolchand Hospital, Delhi Dr. Bhagwan Mantri has Tv9 Told in conversation that influenza is a respiratory infection. That is, this virus can also cause respiratory problems. In some cases, there is a risk of infection in the lungs due to influenza. In this situation, if the patient gets pneumonia. If the infection spreads to both the lungs, then the level of oxygen in the body may decrease. The condition of the patient worsens due to falling oxygen level. Although such cases are rare in influenza, but like Kovid, this virus can also drop the oxygen level.

High fever is also dangerous

Dr Bhagwan Mantri It is said that in some cases of the virus, along with pneumonia, the patient may also have high fever. In this situation, there is a need to be admitted in ICU. People who already have a serious illness and elderly people are more at risk of getting such a condition. In such a situation, it is necessary that these people especially take care of their health. Even though H3N2 does not cause serious symptoms, but these people with weak immunity need to be cautious.

Do not take medicines without doctor’s advice

Dr. Minister According to, due to this type of seasonal virus, people have cough-cold, headache and mild fever. In this situation, people start taking medicines on their own. If someone gets relief, then they start telling this medicine to their family or friends too, whereas this should not be done. Taking antibiotics without the advice of doctors can cause a lot of damage to health.

It is important to take care of these things

Like Kovid, it is necessary to wear a mask to protect against influenza virus. Along with this, coming in contact with infected people should also be avoided. At present, there is a danger of influenza for a few weeks. In such a situation, people have to be saved. If pneumonia occurs due to influenza, there may be a lack of oxygen. That’s why prevention is better. read this also: What will happen if Kovid and H3N2 virus attack together? Know the opinion of the expert

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