Can Artificial Intelligence Eliminate Sleep Disorders? Learn expert’s opinion

Sleep Disorder and Artificial Intelligence: in the last few years artifical Intelligence use has increased significantly. Artificial Intelligence is a program of a machine, which has the ability to solve problems like humans. Computers and machines are like using intelligence in the same way that humans do. for the last few years sleeping disorders have also increased a lot. Many people do not sleep properly at night. This problem is happening from children to elders. Consultant Neuropsychiatrist in Apollo Multispeciality Hospitals and Apollo 24*7 in Kolkata Dr. Anshuman Das According to, Artificial Intelligence is rapidly gaining a foothold around the world. Steps are also being taken towards solving sleep disorders with the help of AI. Instead of relying on electronic medical records (EMR), AI can take advantage of health parameters and fine-grained electronic health records (EHR) data.

AI can work in sleep disorders

AI has become very important in sleep disorders. With its help, sleep disorders can be understood in a much better way. Along with this, these diseases can also be identified and treated easily. AI can lead to better research on sleep disorders. Not only this, research on the role of sleep and why it is difficult for some people to sleep properly can also be more effective due to big data that AI can retrieve and analyze.

emerging AI technology

Smart cradle is becoming quite famous in India. Crib sensor is used in it to detect the sleeping pattern of babies. This device detects the baby’s wakefulness and any movement. This technique helps to overcome the problem of sleep.

good sleep is essential for good health

Good sleep improves physical as well as mental health. The problem of insomnia also affects the ability to work. In such a situation, AI can now prove to be a game changer. With the help of AI based resources, people can manage their schedule better. With the help of AI, reminders can be set, so that the sleeping pattern can be well planned. read this also: World Sleep day: Obstructive sleep apnea is a dangerous sleep disorder, these are its symptoms

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