Camel Flu threat in FIFA World Cup! Know what is this virus

The Corona epidemic shook the whole world. Crores of people were infected by this virus worldwide and lakhs of people died. now after corona new viruses Getting to hear about. Let us inform that a similar virus threat remains in the FIFA World Cup being held in Qatar. The name of this virus is Camel Flu. Let us know what is this virus and how dangerous it is.

What is camel flu?

Doctors say that the mutation of corona virus is very fast. Seeing the effect of the medicine and the immune system of the body, it changes its form. If health experts are to be believed, camel flu is also a form of Covid-19. It went from Camel to people and later came in contact with each other and spread rapidly. At the same time, now the danger of this virus has started looming all over the world.

Why is there a threat from Qatar?

Doctors told that Qatar is a desert area. A large number of camels are found here. This virus is found only in camels and is transmitted to people only through them. This time the FIFA World Cup is being organized in Qatar. At the same time, people from all over the world are reaching here to watch the World Cup. People would ride camels and touch them. In such a situation, this virus can directly catch people. Let us also tell you that the people coming here during the FIFA World have been advised not to touch the counts.

Symptoms of Camel Flu?

transmitted from one person to another virus exposure You can see many symptoms as soon as you come in. Let us tell you that along with difficulty in breathing, you may also have fever, dry cough, sore throat.

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