Breast cancer: These normal problems occurring in the body can also be breast cancer, know the methods of prevention

Breast cancer: Worldwide cancer The cases are increasing rapidly. in women breast cancer Most of the cases come. bad eating habits and bad lifestyle Because of which the cases of cancer are increasing. Doctors say that in most cases the symptoms of cancer start appearing early, but due to lack of information about them, the disease is not detected. Also, women feel that the lump in the breast is only a symptom of this cancer, whereas it is not so.

There are many other symptoms of breast cancer in the body. According to cancer surgeon Dr. Anurag Kumar, apart from the lump on the breast, there are many other symptoms of breast cancer. By identifying those on time, this disease can be easily prevented.

breast swelling

If swelling is visible in one breast, then it can also be a symptom of breast cancer, if the swelling is not in the entire breast and is visible only in one part, then a doctor should be consulted.

pain in breast

If there is a pen in your breast without any reason, the pen is increasing on touching the breast, even then you should contact the doctor. Along with this, if redness is visible on the breast, then also there is a need to be cautious.

Discharge and engorgement from the nipple

If there is discharge from the nipple and there is no pregnancy, then it is a symptom of breast cancer. With the discharge, the nipples start sinking inwards. Both these problems are symptoms of breast cancer.

save like this

According to Dr. Kumar, if all these symptoms are identified and checked at an early stage, then the risk of breast cancer can be reduced. Due to the detection of the disease in the early stage, the treatment is also done easily. But it is a matter of concern that most of the cases of breast cancer are reported in advanced stage. However, now with the new technology, breast cancer is easily identified. But women are advised to be cautious about these changes happening in the breast. In case of any such problem, do not hesitate and consult doctors immediately.

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