Bones are also affected due to increase in thyroid, these are the symptoms, know the methods of prevention from the doctor

Overactive thyroid: Nowadays Thyroid The disease is fast making people its victims. This disease is flourishing due to bad lifestyle. Especially women are coming in its grip. If the thyroid increases then it is called overactive thyroid. Due to this, health deteriorates. Mental health is also affected, but do you know that growing thyroid can also harm your bones.

According to doctors, overactive thyroid causes fatigue and weakness. Due to this, intense heat and vibration is also felt. Swelling occurs in the neck and sweating profusely.

How does it affect the bones

endocrinologist Dr. Swapnil Kumar Jain Told that thyroid is also very important for bones. When the thyroid becomes overactive, it can affect the bones. Due to this, it is also necessary for bone metabolism in the body. But due to overactive thyroid, the bone structure gets affected and the bones start getting weak. However, its symptoms appear very late.

In many cases, there is also a lot of pain in the joints. In most of the cases, people start considering it as a disease of Arthritis, but it can also happen due to thyroid. In such a situation, people are advised that if there is any disease related to bones, then definitely get it checked.

risk of osteoporosis

If the thyroid is not under control, there is also a risk of osteoporosis. In this disease, the bones become fragile and very weak. In severe cases, the patient may also have difficulty in walking. This also increases the risk of fracture. This disease can be very dangerous in old age. In such a situation, it is important to keep your lifestyle right. If you are seeing symptoms of thyroid enlargement, then get treated.

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