Attention Those who do not smoke cigarettes are also at risk of lung cancer, also know the reason

Usually the cause of lung cancer is attributed to smoking and tobacco, but new research is surprising. Research from London’s Francis Crick Institute and University College London has claimed that non-smokers, ie non-smokers, can also get lung cancer. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), lung cancer is a major cause of cancer deaths in 2020. It is causing 18 lakh deaths every year worldwide.

New research by London scientists says that there are many cases of lung cancer in which smoking does not play a role. Know, what is the reason for this and how it has been proved…

Cancer risk from air pollution

Researchers say, air pollution has become a major cause of lung cancer. There is also a risk of getting lung cancer from this. Very fine particles of pollution present in the air can cause premature death. These are known as particulate matter (PM) 2.5. They are so fine that they easily reach the body through the breath and mouth and damage the heart, brain and lungs.

How is polluted air causing cancer?

University College London researcher Dr. Charles Swanton says, fine particles PM 2.5 particles reach the lungs and cause inflammation. First the mutations then gradually cause tumors. As a person gets older, some cells that are not normally active undergo a process of mutation due to air pollution and they start spreading. These cells cause tumors.

What did the research prove?

According to the report of Medical News Today, the researchers took health data of 463,679 people from England, South Korea and Taiwan. On examining the data, a connection was found between lung cancer and air pollution. This has been proved in research done on rats.Researchers say, research on mice has revealed that as the level of air pollution increases, so does the severity, size and number of tumors of cancer.

According to researcher Emilia Lim, there are many such cases of lung cancer when the patient feels that despite not smoking, he has cancer. In fact, 99 percent of the people around the world are living in such places where the level of pollution is much higher than the WHO standards.

According to the report of the World Health Organization, the level of air quality of more than 6 thousand cities in 117 countries of the world was checked. The investigation revealed that the air quality was found to be poor in most of the countries. Most of them included middle-income countries.

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