Aftab is the psychopath who is the murderer of Shraddha. Know from experts why emotions end in humans

Capital Delhi The Shraddha murder case has shocked the whole country. Her live-in partner Aftab Amin Poonawalla, who was living with Shraddha, had brutally murdered her and cut her body into 35 pieces. According to the police, for about 18 days, he used to come in different forests of Delhi throwing these pieces at night. Accused Aftab had no idea that one day he would be caught. After about 6 months of the incident, this dreadful murder case has come to light.

Meanwhile, this question is also arising in the minds of people that how a person can cut his body after killing his girlfriend with a saw. What happens in such a mind that a human being leads to such an event? To know the answers to many such questions related to this murder case, TV9 Bharatvarsh has talked to mental disease experts. Let us know what the experts have to say.

Are such people mentally ill?

Former Psychiatrist, All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS), New Delhi Dr. Rajkumar Srinivas It is said that just like Shraddha, many such incidents have come to the fore in the past too. People who commit such crimes are suffering from psychopathy disorder. People suffering from this disease are called psychopaths in the language of medical science. These people live normally in the outside world, but they have very little sympathy and emotion towards anyone in them. In many cases, their control over themselves also starts to end.

Anger and aggressive nature is seen in a psychopath person. Such people do not get any dangerous incident done. Their way of living life is slightly different. A person suffering from a psychopathy disorder does not care about anyone. There is no feeling of remorse while committing violence and crime in them. When psychopaths watch movies or any web series, their first choice is to see some violence in them and to know new methods of crime. So that they can execute any criminal incident very well. It is a matter of concern that a person does not even know that he is a victim of this disease.

Are Psychopaths Just Like Serial Killers?

Dr. Srinivas explains that serial killers always kill people with whom they have no direct relation. Emotions are also less in serial killers, but they commit criminal incidents for a specific purpose, but a psychopath can harm any of his acquaintances and even close relatives.

Antisocial personality disorder is also seen in some cases due to psychopathy personality disorder. Because of this, these people do not care for anyone and live in their own world. A person suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder does not even care about any other person. He is not even afraid to harm others.

Doctors say that in a research done on psychopaths, it has also been found that 10 to 20 percent of men who commit domestic violence are psychopaths, although the symptoms are very mild in them. But if these symptoms are not taken care of on time, then the situation starts getting worse.

Paranoid and schizontoid disease also occurs

Senior psychiatry specialist Deepak Singh explains that a person suffering from psychopathy disorder can also have paranoid and schizoid diseases. In these diseases, a person starts getting mad. He does not even think before committing any dangerous event. This happens only because of these diseases. Such people have the mind to commit any violence or crime again and again. Both these diseases are a mental disease, which if not detected on time can make a person completely insane. However, such cases are rarely seen. Symptoms of psychopathy disorder are seen in only 2% of people worldwide.

Is there any cure for this?

In this regard, Dr. Srinivas says that if someone shows symptoms of psychopathy disorder. For example, if there is a sudden very strong anger, violent incidents and lack of emotion, then after paying attention to these symptoms from childhood, doctors should be consulted, although the treatment of this problem is not easy. It takes a very long time and it is not necessary that the person recovers from this problem. There is also no clinical diagnosis for the treatment of a cypath patient.

Dr. Srinivas says that it is possible that Shraddha’s murderer may also be a psychopath, although at present the need is to conduct a medical examination of this murderer, so that his mental condition can be identified.

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