Added sugar increases the risk of breast cancer, may also cause type 2 diabetes

According to a recent research, Packaged food and drink (added to canned foods and beverages) added sugar And the amount of non-nutritive sweeteners (non-nutritive sweeteners) has increased tremendously in the last decade. The analysis shows that the amount of added sugar used to sweeten drinks has increased globally. However, it has seen an increase of 50 percent in middle-income countries like China and India. Its use has declined in high-income countries such as Australia and the United States.

Non-nutritive sweeteners are commonly added to confectionery (sweets, cakes, chocolates, etc.). Ice cream and sweet biscuits are the fastest growing food categories in terms of these sweeteners. The increasing use of added sugar and other sweeteners over the past decade has meant that our packaged food supply overall is getting sweeter.

Type 2 diabetes and cancer risk

These foods are made industrially, contain ingredients you wouldn’t find in a home kitchen, and are designed to be “hyper-palatable”. Eating ultra processed food (processed foods) can lead to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancer and death.

Manjari Chandra, a well-known Clinical Nutritionist at Max Healthcare and Founder of Manjari Wellness, explains how elevated insulin levels are capable of causing all kinds of diseases in the human body. “High insulin levels can lead to all possible diseases including high cholesterol, diabetes and even cancer,” he said.

Cancer cell’s insulin connection

Chandra said that there are two types of insulin receptors which stop reacting after a time as the insulin level rises and become numb. “That’s why the insulin receptor has a different importance in the case of cancer,” he said.

In tumor cells, especially of the breast, these receptors are often overexposed. In breast tumor patients, their chances of survival are less due to increased insulin levels.

natural sugar intake

The expert explained in detail that consuming natural sugar, for example sugar from fruits, is fine because in addition to sugar, fiber, vitamins and antioxidants also go inside your body. “But when you read ‘no sugar added’ on the package, you should know that they have added sugar compounds,” he said.

While the disadvantages of consuming too much added sugar are known to all, relying on a non-nutritive sweetener as a solution also carries risks. Recent reviews suggest that non-nutritive sweetener consumption may be associated with type 2 diabetes and heart disease and may disrupt the gut microbiome.

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