6.5 crore patients of Kovid will come to China every week! Will a new wave come soon in India too?

Corona In China: A day before, the World Health Organization had said that a new epidemic may come in the world. may be at risk of a virus that Corona Even more dangerous than Amidst this statement of WHO, the cases of corona have started increasing again in China. Till the last week of June, 6.5 crore cases are expected to come up every week. Respiratory Department’s expert Zhong Nashan has said this. This warning has been given regarding the XBB sub-variant of Omicron.

Zhong Nashan says that the scope of the virus is increasing continuously in China. The XBB variant may once again cause a new epidemic. In such a situation, one has to be very cautious about the virus.

Cases had increased in China only a few months back. Then the hospitals in this country were filled with patients. Thousands of people were dying. Now again the threat of virus is looming. In view of this, China is thinking of bringing new vaccines. Which can protect against XBB variants. Meanwhile, a question also arises that the apprehensions expressed about Covid in China can happen in India as well? To know this, we have talked to health experts.

It is not necessary that cases will increase so much in China.

health policy experts Dr. Anshuman Kumar Told that the cases of Kovid are increasing in China, but it cannot be said that 6.5 crore cases will come every week. Only the possibility of increasing the cases has been expressed. Earlier also many experts had claimed that the third or fourth wave of Corona would be very dangerous all over the world, but this did not happen. In India too, it was said that the cases of Kovid would increase at a record level, but nothing like this happened here.

According to Dr. Anshuman, it is not necessary that the predictions made regarding Kovid should be true. The pattern of the virus is no longer such that crores of cases will come from it. As far as India is concerned, Omicron’s new sub-variants are coming here for the last one and a half years. There was no danger from any of them. The XBB variant of which cases are coming in China, this variant was reported several months ago in India. Due to this neither the cases of Kovid increased nor any new wave came here. In such a situation, the danger that is being talked about in China regarding Kovid, nothing like that will happen in India.

The lethality of the virus has decreased

Epidemiologist Dr. Ajay Kumar It is said that it has been more than three years since Corona. Now there is no danger like before the virus. The apprehension that has been expressed about the increase in cases in China, there is no danger of something like this happening at the moment. So there is nothing to fear in India too. The danger of corona will now be only when a new variant comes, such a variant which has not been reported till date. That’s why there is nothing to panic in India at the moment.

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