13 crore people in the country have mental problems, experts said – need to be aware of mental health

According to the information that has come out from the Mental Health Department of Maharashtra Government under the Right to Information (RTI) Act, as of May 14, only four regional mental hospitals are functioning in the state. A recent report has also revealed the appalling condition of a government mental health center in a suburb of Thiruvananthapuram, the capital of Kerala. Not only this, according to the Mental Health Survey 2015-16, one or more mental disorders were found in people with low income. The survey also found that the difference in treatment for mental disorders ranged between 70 and 92 percent for different disorders. General mental disorder 85 percent, severe mental disorder 73.6 percent, psychosis 75.5 percent and bipolar affective disorder 70.4 percent.

Dr. Sanjay Chugh, a senior psychiatrist in Delhi told TV9 that the infrastructure needed to treat mental health problems needs to be increased rapidly. It will have to increase 100 times as compared to the present. We also need to educate the population at the grassroots level. When the problem starts, it can be treated immediately. In waiting for treatment, the disease should not increase so much that it cannot be cured. Dr. Chugh said that it is a matter of great sadness that due to misconceptions about mental illnesses and understanding of the disease as a stigma, it is not treated in time.

Dr. Chugh said that at present the situation is very bad. If we imagine a mental health center where there are mental health disorders and neurological patients who have such a serious disease like Alzheimer’s, or they have had a stroke, then in such a situation we have very few doctors to help such people, and There are no support staff at all. This situation is very bad, waiting for something untoward to happen.

10 percent of people in the world suffer from mental problems

He said that mental health is not given priority in India. It is estimated that around 10% of people worldwide will suffer from mental problems. In our country where the population is about 1.3 billion. It can be estimated that around 130 million people have mental health problems. And they need treatment. If even one crore has mental problems, then we have ten thousand psychiatrists. This means that he will treat 1 lakh patients. Dr. Chugh said that it is impossible to do this.

He said that in order to bring about any improvement, it needs to be acknowledged that any mental disorder is the most common disease. And it is far ahead of any other health problem that any person can have. Dr Chugh said that a large number of psychiatrists, psychologists and physicians will have to come in this profession. We need to add 10,000 such professionals annually.

Mental diseases get better cover in insurance policy

Pulkit Sharma, a clinical psychologist from Puducherry said that mental health in the country is in a bad state. Government actions and guidelines do little to guarantee the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of mental health issues. Also only one or two insurance companies in the country cover mental health. And the percentage of those who cover it is very less. It is not even enough to cover the basic treatment cost. Sharma said that usually a person with this disease needs at least 40-50 sessions. Even 10 sessions cannot be covered in the nominal amount covered by insurance companies.

Sharma said that in order to improve the current situation, the government needs to tell insurance companies to cover mental health diseases with more comprehensive coverage. We need several thousand mental health professionals for such a large population. We need many more mental health centres. Where such people can go for treatment. And the treatment should not be only for the patient’s disease. There is also a need for his rehabilitation. The focus should also be on the destruction associated with such diseases. The aim should be on preventing issues. That’s why. Because by the time a person comes to our country for treatment, it is too late to give him any help.

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