Yo Yo Honey Singh was slapped by Shah Rukh Khan? Ex wife Shalini Talwar told the truth

Throwback: famous rapper and singer yo Yo Honey Singh Today we are celebrating our birthday with great pomp. Honey Singh is the name who brought rap music to the front line industry in India. Honey Singh the superhero of the century Amitabh Bachchan to superstar Shahrukh Khan Have worked with. There are many rappers in today’s era but no one has the fan following like Honey Singh. Although Honey Singh’s name has been associated with many controversies. A few years ago, a news came about Honey Singh in which it was said that Shah Rukh Khan had slapped Honey Singh. Let us know in this report whether the Pathan actor really raised his hand on the rapper.

Honey Singh’s ex-wife told the truth to the world

A few years back, there was a buzz that Honey Singh was misbehaving with a man in a drunken state during a tour. After which Shahrukh Khan slapped him. Honey Singh’s ex-wife Shalini Talwar broke her silence on this. Shalini Talwar defended Honey Singh. In an interview, when Shalini was asked whether it is true that Shah Rukh Khan slapped Honey Singh during ‘Slam Tour’? On this Shalini had said, ‘Why would he slap them? These are all hearsay things. It is known to everyone that Honey respects Shahrukh Bhai a lot. Brother also loves Honey like a younger brother. In fact, Shah Rukh Bhai has helped us a lot. Doctors have told Honey not to travel outside the country for now, but because he had promised Shah Rukh Khan, he went for the Slam Tour.

Honey Singh gave his voice in these films

Shalini further said, ‘Honey was on heavy doses of blood pressure medicines even on the tour. During rehearsals, he fell and injured his back and head. So he had to leave the tour and return. That’s why the matter of slapping Shahrukh Bhai is just a rumour. Let us tell that today many Bollywood stars including fans are congratulating Honey Singh on his birthday. Honey Singh has given his voice in many films. This list includes Shahrukh’s Chennai Express to Akshay Kumar’s Boss.

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