Vikas Malu broke his silence on the allegation of murder of Satish Kaushik, said- ‘In my name…’

Satish Kaushik Death Case : bollywood actor and director Satish Kaushik It has been three days since his death and everyday new things are coming out in this matter. Industrialist after the death of Satish Kaushik Vikas Malu But it was alleged that he had killed Satish Kaushik. These allegations were made by none other than Vikas Malu’s wife. Now for the first time after the death of Satish Kaushik, Vikas Malu has given a statement and said that the allegations leveled against him are false.

Vikas Malu shared the video

Vikas Malu Has shared a video on his Instagram. in which Satish Kaushik He is seen dancing on the occasion of Holi. Vikas Malu wrote in the post along with the video, ‘For the last 30 years, Satish ji and I have had family relations. It took only a short time for people to throw mud at my name. This tragedy happened after a wonderful celebration, which I am unable to bear. I now break my silence on the allegations leveled against me. Tragedy is never told and nobody can control it. I would like to request that respect everyone’s feelings. I will always miss Satish ji in every celebration.

Vikas Malu’s wife’s allegations

Significantly, Vikas Malu’s wife had alleged that her husband had killed Satish Kaushik over Rs 15 crore. Well, let’s say that Satish Kaushik post mortem report has arrived and it is not pointing towards murder in any way. The post mortem report of Satish Kaushik has revealed that he had a problem of high blood pressure along with hypertension and sugar. His post-mortem report states that death was due to cardiac arrest. Satish’s viscera has been kept and the test report of his heart and blood samples will be available in 10-15 days.

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