Throwback: Rekha wanted to marry a woman! Desire was expressed in Simi Grewal’s show

Rekha On Simi Garewal Show: The life of Bollywood’s most beautiful actress Rekha has always been full of controversies. Everyone knows about Rekha’s professional life but her love life is no less than a mystery. While on the one hand, the discussion of Rekha and Amitabh Bachchan’s affair made a lot of headlines, on the other hand, when the actress married Mukesh Agarwal, everyone was surprised. However, Rekha’s relationship with Mukesh also did not last long as Mukesh committed suicide shortly after the marriage. For this reason, Rekha always had the regret of never getting love and she has mentioned this in her interviews as well.

Rekha reached Simi Garewal’s show

where when Line When Simi reached Graver’s show, during this she openly discussed her love life. During this, not only did Rekha express her love for Amitabh Bachchan, but also gave a tremendous reaction about getting married for the second time. This interview of Rekha made a lot of headlines. Now recently a clip of Rekha’s interview with Simi Grewal is going viral on social media. Fans are giving tremendous response to this video.

Viral video of Rekha

Rekha wants to marry a woman!

When Simi Grewal asked Rekha if she would ever get married again? So on this the actress asked Simi, “From whom, from the man?” After listening to Rekha, Simi says, “It is obvious that it is not with the woman.” On the other hand, after listening to Simi, Rekha also gives a forceful answer, saying, “Why not. In my mind, I am married to myself, my profession and my loved ones.”

Whereas in this interview, Simi Grewal asks Rekha whether only a man can provide security to a woman? So on this the actress says that this thing has nothing to do with the man. It just depends on what kind of person the woman is. This video of Simi Grewal’s show is becoming fiercely viral on social media and people are giving their reactions on it.

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