Throwback: Kader Khan had slapped Shakti Kapoor during the shooting, had made up his mind to quit acting

Bollywood Throwback: Bollywood veteran actor Shakti Kapoor has earned a lot of name in the industry as a villain. There was a time when makers used to line up to cast Shakti as a villain in their film. Along with her serious acting, Shakti also gained immense popularity for her comic timing. But do you know that Shakti Kapoor, popularly known as Crime Master Gogo, wanted to quit acting at one point of time. This was disclosed by Shakti Kapoor himself during an interview.

Shakti Kapoor was slapped several times

Shakti Kapoor (Shakti Kapoor) revealed this in ‘The Kapil Sharma Show’ that when he was shooting for the film ‘Mawali’, he was slapped one after the other, due to which he fell on the ground. . After this insult on the sets of the film, the actor had decided to leave his acting career. Shakti Kapoor said, “In 1983 I was doing a film called Ek Mawali. When I was giving the first shot for this film, Kader Khan slapped me hard, causing me to fall to the ground. Then in the second shot, actress Aruna Irani slapped me hard, due to which I fell on the ground again and the same thing happened for the third time. After this incident, I was upset thinking that now my career is over. Has gone.”

Shakti Kapoor further said, “After this incident I went to Kader Khan and said that I fall at your feet, please book my evening ticket. Because I do not want to be a part of this film.” Kader Khan was also surprised by this decision of Shakti. Later the actor told that then on the advice of Ajay Devgan’s father Veeru Devgan, he stayed in the industry.

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