Throwback: Aamir Khan had to spit on Madhuri Dixit’s hand, the actress ran to kill him with a hockey stick

Bollywood Throwback: Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan has worked in two films with actress Madhuri Dixit. Both these films proved to be a super hit at the box office. Madhuri and Aamir’s film ‘Dil’, which came in the year 1990, proved to be a blockbuster. In this film, the audience liked the pair of Aamir and Madhuri very much. However, during the shooting of ‘Dil’, Aamir Khan did such a prank with Madhuri Dixit, which the actress has not forgotten till date. This was revealed by Aamir Khan himself on Farhan Akhtar’s chat show ‘Oye! Did it in ‘It’s Friday’.

Aamir Khan spit on Madhuri Dixit’s hand

in chat show Aamir Khan Referring to this anecdote, he told that during the shooting of ‘Dil’, he was talking about telling the future by looking at the hand of everyone on the set. During this, when Madhuri extended her hand towards Aamir Khan to know her future, the actor spit on her hand. Talking about this, the actor had said, “Your lines show that you are a very emotional person. You trust everyone easily and people fool you like I am. Later I spit on Madhuri’s hand. Madhuri got angry and she chased me with a hockey stick.”

Mention of this argument with Aamir himself Madhuri Also did during an interview. The actress had told that Aamir had played a prank on her during the shooting of the film ‘Dil’, after which she ran after him with a hockey stick.

Talking about the work front, the last time actor Aamir Khan was seen in the film ‘Lal Singh Chadha’. The film proved to be a flop at the box office, but the film has received a good response on OTT. At the same time, Madhuri was seen playing the lead role in the film ‘Maja Ma’.

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