This superstar’s daughter started loving Shahid Kapoor one-sidedly, the actor got upset and lodged an FIR

Shahid Kapoor Lodges FIR Against This Stars Kid: Bollywood actor Shahid Kapoor is in the limelight these days for his recently released web series Farzi. This series of Shahid Kapoor is being praised a lot. Meanwhile, Shahid Kapoor has come into the limelight regarding an old news. This news has surprised the fans of Shahid Kapoor. This news is related to the daughter of Shahid Kapoor and the big superstar. The daughter of this superstar had started falling in love with Shahid Kapoor one-sided. Distressed by the antics of this actress, Shahid Kapoor even lodged a complaint with the police.

This superstar’s daughter used to call herself Shahid Kapoor’s wife

Shahid Kapoor remains in great discussion about his films as well as personal life. Shahid Kapoor had many affairs before marrying Meera. but the daughter of a superstar Shahid Kapoor K fell behind on this side, due to which the actor got upset. This is none other than Bollywood superstar Prince The daughter of was reality pundit. According to the report, Shahid and Awatiya’s first meeting took place in the dance class. Reality had given heart to Shahid at first sight itself. According to the report, she even used to tell people herself as Shahid Kapoor’s wife.

Shahid got the FIR registered after getting upset.

In reality Pandit had taken a house near Shahid Kapoor’s house. According to media reports, whenever Shahid used to step out of his house, reality pundits used to follow him. Many times reality used to sit on the bonnet of Pandit Shahid Kapoor’s car. Distressed by all these things, Shahid Kapoor got an FIR lodged against Awakiya Pandit. According to the reports, the reality pundit had left acting, dance and fitness classes to see Shahid.

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