The fan had fallen behind after washing hands of Raveena Tandon, used to send obscene pictures and blood filled …

The stardom of 90s superhit actress Raveena Tandon has not diminished even today. Crores of people are still crazy about Raveena’s charm and style. Fans are ready to cross all limits to get a glimpse of the actress. But sometimes this craze of the fans becomes trouble for the stars. During a recent interview, Raveena Tandon mentioned about one of her fans who had crossed all limits of passion. The actress said, “I had a fan in Goa, he had already accepted in his mind that he and I were married.”

Fan used to consider the children of Raveena Tandon as their own

Not only this, the actress told that the fan had lost his mental balance. Raveena Tandon Said, “He started accepting my children as his own too. But the limit was reached when he couriered me bottles filled with blood. Not only vials but the fan also sent me his obscene photos and letters written in blood. “

Raveena Tandon’s post

Raveena’s husband was attacked by a fan

Raveena Tandon is in trouble due to not only one but many such psycho fans. The actress told in an interview to E Times that there was another fan who was always sitting at the gate of my house. Raveena said, “Once that fan attacked my husband, we all got very nervous and we immediately called the police.” The actress had said that there was a time when I got very upset with such people.

Entertainment News (Entertainment NewsAccording to reports, Raveena Tandon was last seen in the film ‘KGF 2’ with rocking star Yash. The film earned a lot at the box office and proved to be a blockbuster.

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