Taapsee Pannu spoke wrongly to paparazzi, watching the video people said – ‘There is little Jaya Bachchan inside it’

Taapsee Pannu Viral Video: Bollywood actress Taapsee Pannu Along with her acting, she is also known for her outspoken rhetoric. The example of this is found in his videos that go viral on social media. Taapsee Pannu has to be trolled many times for her outspokenness. However, this does not make any difference to her and she speaks her mind. Another video of Taapsee Pannu is becoming increasingly viral on social media and people are targeting her for this too. Let’s see what is it in this video that people are trolling Taapsee Pannu.

Taapsee Pannu’s video is going viral

Celebrity photographer Viral Bhayani from his Instagram account Taapsee Pannu Shared a video of In this video, she is seen holding bags in both hands. During this, paparazzi look desperate to click pictures of Taapsee Pannu, then she says ‘carefully, you will get it’. Then you will say it was because of the actress. Saying this, she leaves in the car. People have not liked Taapsee Pannu talking in this way and people heard her fiercely. Users have commented fiercely on Taapsee Pannu’s video.

taapsee pannu video

People raging on Taapsee Pannu

A user has written on Taapsee Pannu’s video, ‘What does she come home after beating, never does a good thing.’ One user has written, ‘A small Jaya Bachchan lives inside it too.’ One user has written, ‘Why is she always irritable, don’t take her picture again.’ One user has written, ‘Why so much arrogance.’ In this way Taapsee Pannu has been trolled fiercely by all the users of social media.

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