Sonali Kulkarni called girls lazy, said- ‘She just puts pressure on her boyfriend…’

Sunali Kulkarni Viral Video: Singham And heart wants Actress working in films like Sonali Kulkarni Known for her outspoken style. Sonali Kulkarni keeps her point on every issue. Meanwhile, a video of Sonali Kulkarni is becoming increasingly viral on social media, in which she is seen talking about girls. In the video, Sonali says that nowadays girls have become very lazy. She wants to depend financially only on her boyfriend or future husband. Apart from this, Sonali Kulkarni has made many revelations. Come let’s know in this report what else Sonali Kulkarni said about the girls…

Sonali Kulkarni’s video went viral

Recently Sonali Kulkarni gave an interview whose video has now surfaced. People are reacting fiercely on this clip. Many people believe that Sonali has said the right thing, that’s why most of the people are praising her. Sonali says in the video, many girls in India are lazy. They want a boyfriend or husband who has a good job. The girl who has a house but does not have the courage to say what will I do when you marry me. I want to tell all of you that create such women in your house, who are capable. Those who can earn for themselves. Those who can say that yes we want to buy a new fridge, you give half the money, I will give half the money.

Watch video here:

Sonali Kulkarni said this about her husband

Talking about her husband, Sonali Kulkarni said that my husband has been working since the age of 20. At the same time, girls keep thinking what to do even till they are 25-27 years old. He further said that girls should not only cook. Rather, the responsibility should be taken beyond that. After watching this video of Sonali Kulkarni, do tell us by commenting what is your opinion.


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