Raza Murad Birthday: When Raza Murad gave a romantic pose with Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar, there was a lot of ruckus

Raza Murad Birthday Special: Bollywood actor Raza Murad is celebrating his 72nd birthday today. Became famous for playing villain in films Raza Murad His film career was full of controversies. Be it shooting a rape scene with his cousin Zeenat Aman or getting a romantic photoshoot done with Pakistani actress Zeba Bakhtiar. Raza Murad often makes headlines for his professional life more than his personal life. There was a time when Raza had to listen to a lot of criticism for getting a photoshoot done with Pakistani actress Zeba.

Raza Murad told this in the interview

Raza Murad (Raza Murad Birthday) told during an interview that Pakistani actress Zeba was asked to choose a villain, with whom she had to do a romantic photoshoot for the magazine. He chose Raza Murad for this photoshoot. Actually Raza Murad and Zeba got this photoshoot done for Stardust magazine. Although this photoshoot of Raza Murad and Zeba Bakhtiar created a lot of uproar. Along with Jeba, Raza was also heard a lot by the fans.

Rape scene was shot with cousin Zeenat Aman

Raza Murad had to do a rape scene with Zeenat Aman for the 1987 film Daku Haseena. Please tell that Zeenat Raza is Murad’s cousin. When the director asked Raza to shoot a rape scene with Zeenat, the actor flatly refused, as the actor did not want to shoot a rape scene with his sister. Director Ashok Rao tried to convince Raza a lot, but despite this the actor was not ready to do it. However, later, on the persuasion of Zeenat himself, he agreed.

During an interview, Raza Murad said that I was told this scene before the film, but after signing the film, I did not like it. Raj Murad had said that this scene with Zeenat was the most difficult scene of his career.

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