Prem Chopra did not want to be a villain, daughter was stunned after watching the film

Prem Chopra Birthday: Bollywood veteran actor Prem Chopra is celebrating his 87th birthday today i.e. on 23 September. The actor has made his mark in the industry with hard work and dedication. Prem Chopra is known for his villainous character. He has played the role of a villain in more than one film. Prem Chopra’s popularity was no less than a hero. He still rules millions of hearts because of his performance. But very few people know that Prem Chopra wanted to become a hero in Bollywood but one decision of Prem changed his whole life. Come today on Prem Chopra’s birthday, we will tell you how Prem, who aspired to be a hero, became a villain.


This movie changed the life of love

Prem Chopra was born on 23 September 1935 in Lahore. He wanted to work in films from the very beginning, so he struggled a lot to make his place in the industry. Once Prem Chopra met Mehboob Khan. During this, Mehboob told Prem that he would give him lead roles in films. After this Mehboob offered him the film ‘Woh Kaun Thi’, in which he was to play the role of Villain. Prem accepted the offer.


Prem Chopra scattered in these films

Let us tell you that this film was the biggest hit film of that time. People liked the character of Prem Chopra very much. It would not be wrong to say that Prem Chopra’s fortunes changed after playing the villain in this movie. Prem Chopra has spread his acting skills in more than 400 films.


Daughter was scared to see love

In an interview, Prem Chopra had revealed that once he had gone to see a film with his daughter. In that movie, Prem was seen in the role of Villain. Seeing Prem in this form, his daughter was very scared. However, later Prem told his daughter that this is just a film and he is acting as a bus villain.

Written By Kumar Sarash

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