People were surprised to hear the praise of Deepika from the mouth of Kangana Ranaut, now the actress has clarified by tweeting

Kangana Ranaut On Appreciating Deepika Padukone: Bollywood actress Deepika Padukone became the presenter at the 95th Academy Awards i.e. Oscars 2023. During this, Deepika was looking very beautiful in a black gown. Deepika’s look at the Oscars was also praised by actress Kangana Ranaut, which everyone was surprised to hear. Kangana Ranaut wrote for Deepika Padukone, “How beautiful Deepika Padukone is. It is not easy to stand together carrying the whole country, carrying your image, reputation on those fragile shoulders and speaking with such grace and confidence. Deepika is testimony to the fact that Indian women are the best.”

Although Deepika Everyone was surprised about Kangana’s statement for Deepika Padukone. Please tell that Kangana has trolled Deepika Padukone for the film ‘Gehraiyaan’, even Kangana had told ‘Gehraiyaan’ to be garbage. However, for those who were shocked at Kangana’s praise for Deepika, the actress addressed them through her tweet. Kangana wrote, “Those who were surprised when I praised Deepika Padukone, don’t think too much. I have only followed the religion of Krishna and he says that it is a sin to give credit to someone who is not worthy, but to someone who deserves it.” Not even giving credit is a bigger sin than that. Bollywood people may fail in it but I didn’t.” People are praising this statement of Kangana.

Kangana Ranaut’s tweet

Kangana Ranaut People are commenting a lot on this tweet of (Kangana Ranaut) and giving their feedback. One user commented, “Whenever a Bollywood actor or actress does a good job, Kangana Ranaut always praises them. But Bollywood actors still ignore her because they are in danger of losing their jobs.” ” So there another user wrote, “We appreciate your thinking.”

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