Meera Rautela reached to meet Risabh Pant in the hospital! Daughter Urvashi consoled and said- ‘Everything is fine…’

Rishabh pant accident: After the accident of Indian cricket team player Rishabh Pant, actress Urvashi Rautela is being trolled a lot on social media for her cryptic post. A few days ago, Urvashi shared the picture of the hospital in which Rishabh Pant is admitted. Now Urvashi’s mother has also set out on her path. Actress’s mother Meera Rautela has shared two pictures on her Instagram account, the first of which is the picture of Kokilaben Dhirubhai Ambani Hospital. Rishabh Pant is admitted in this hospital and in the second photo Meera is standing outside the temple.

Meera Rautela consoles daughter Urvashi!

Posting these two pictures, mother Meera Rautela congratulated her daughter. Urvashi Hearty congratulations to. Sharing these pictures, Meera wrote in the caption, “Everything is fine son, don’t worry.” People are commenting a lot on this post of Meera Rautela and giving their feedback.

Reaction of people on Meera’s post

Meera Rautela is getting trolled a lot for this cryptic post of hers. Commenting on this, a user wrote, “Very good reply to the public, Jai Uttarakhand.” So there another user wrote, “Now it is the turn of the father-in-law to post.” So there another user asked Meera Rautela, “Ma’am, if you had gone to the hospital, then tell me, how are Rishabh Bhai doing?”

Please inform that even before this Meera Rautela Rishabh Pant Did a post about. In this post, Meera had written, “On one hand the rumor of social media and on the other hand, Siddhabalibaba should shower special blessings on you for being healthy and bringing laurels to Uttarakhand at the international level. All of you should also pray.”

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