Kartik Aaryan broke his silence on being out of ‘Dostana 2’, told the whole story of the fight with Karan Johar !!

Kartik Aaryan on Karan Johar fight: Bollywood stars Kartik Aaryan and Karan Johar were preparing for the film Dostana 2 together. The shooting of the Jahnavi Kapoor and Karthik Aryan starrer film had already started. Some shooting schedules of the film were also completed. Later suddenly Karan Johar made a big announcement on social media and dropped film star Karthik Aryan out of his film. Along with this, Karan Johar also accused Karthik Aryan of being unprofessional. Not only this, in some interviews, Karan Johar had also said without naming Karthik Aryan that new stars earning Rs 1.25 lakh ask for Rs 20 crore. which shocks them. While they are unable to ensure opening of even Rs 5 crore.

Karan Johar dropped Karthik Aryan from Dostana 2

Karan Johar had openly abused Karthik Aryan on social media. However, Karthik Aryan himself never disclosed why the filmmaker dropped him from his film Dostana 2 overnight. Now when Karthik Aryan appeared on TV’s well-known journalist Rajat Sharma’s chat show Aap Ki Adalat, he broke his silence on these reports. When Rajat Sharma asked Kartik Aryan why Karan Johar removed him from his film. On this, Karthik Aryan said, ‘Sir, this happens sometimes. I haven’t even talked about it yet. I believe in what my mother has taught, which is also our culture. That sometimes there is some dispute between the elders and the younger ones, then the younger ones do not speak. So I also follow the same. I have not spoken about this till date, nor would I want to talk about it.

Karthik Aryan now went and told the whole truth

Rajat Sharma said, ‘The one who used to get 1.25 lakhs. He demanded 20 crores from me. If not given then left the film. On this, Karthik Aryan expressed surprise and said, ‘He had spoken like this’, then laughing, he said, ‘It is not news to speak. There are Chinese whisperers. Things happen every now and then which are never quotes from anyone. People do not speak by quoting, these things happen by quoting sources. I am not greedy for money, I am very greedy for the script. On this he asked if Karthik had left the film because of the script. On this, Karthik says, ‘Anyway there were to be changes in the script at that time which were not happening. And there were many other things. Corona had also come at that time..’ Rajat Sharma says on this, ‘Let us understand your problem. You cannot talk much about Karan Johar.

Karthik Aryan and Karan Johar’s relationship is better

Later, Rajat Sharma reminded that even Karan Johar liked the trailer of Karthik’s Shehzada and congratulated him. On this, Karthik Aryan said that yes he liked it. He also thanked him for this. Karthik told that Karan Johar is very vocal, he keeps his opinion on things.

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