Kareena Kapoor got pregnant in 9th class itself! The mother was upset and sent her to the boarding school

Kareena Kapoor Birthday: Today is the 42nd birthday of Bollywood’s famous actress Kareena Kapoor. On this special occasion of Kareena Kapoor’s birthday, from fans to Bollywood stars are congratulating her. Kareena Kapoor was recently seen in ‘Lal Singh Chaddha’, although her film could not show much charisma at the box office. Apart from this, Kareena Kapoor remains in the discussion about her work as well as many controversies related to herself. There are also many rumors related to the actress, hearing about which anyone will hold their head. One of these rumors is that Kareena kapoor (Kareena Kapoor) became pregnant in the ninth grade.

Kareena kapoor (Kareena Kapoor) did her schooling from Jamnabai Narsee School. Entertainment According to the news in the corridors, Kareena Kapoor got pregnant during the ninth grade itself. However, neither the actress ever spoke on this matter, nor did the sources related to her ever say anything. But there is also an anecdote related to this that at the age of 14, Kareena Kapoor lost her heart on a boy. This was disclosed by Kareena Kapoor herself.

Kareena Kapoor ran away from home to meet crush

Kareena kapoor (Kareena Kapoor) told in an interview given to Barkha Dutt that at the age of 14, she had fallen in love with a boy. Although his mother Babita Kapoor neither liked that boy nor did Kareena like to meet him. But Kareena had secretly gone to meet the boy. Talking about this, Kareena Kapoor had said, “At the age of 14-15, I used to like a boy. My mother did not like it. Being a single mother, she did not want all this to happen. In such a situation, she used to keep the phone locked in her room.


Kareena Kapoor further said in this connection, “I wanted to meet that boy. In such a situation, when the mother had gone out for dinner, I opened the room with the help of a knife and entered the room and I spoke to the boy on the phone. I made a plan with her and ran away from home.” After this act of the actress, her mother Babita Kapoor sent her to a boarding school in Dehradun.


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