Javed Akhtar was targeted by Pakistan for calling Urdu the language of India

Javed Akhtar Comment On Urdu : famous lyricist of bollywood industry Javed Akhtar They remain in discussion every day. Recently, in a program in Pakistan, he held his country responsible for the attack in Mumbai. After this, Javed Akhtar was praised a lot. Javed Akhtar has once given a statement about Pakistan and this time he has given his opinion about Urdu language. Pakistan has got angry on this and the people there are targeting Javed Akhtar through social media. Recently, Javed Akhtar along with his wife Shabana Azmi attended an Urdu poetry album launch event. During this, he has spoken his word. Let us know what statement Javed Akhtar has given.

Javed Akhtar said- Urdu is the language of India

According to news agency ANI, Javed Akhtar Had said during the program, ‘Urdu has not come from any other place, it is our own language. It is not spoken outside India, Pakistan was also a part of India before partition. This is the language of India only. But, you left out this language. Why? Reasons for Partition? Because of Pakistan?’ Javed Akhtar further said, ‘Pakistan says that Kashmir is ours, so will you agree that Kashmir is theirs? I do not think so. Similarly, Urdu is also an Indian language and will remain so. Our new generation speaks less Urdu and Hindi. Today more attention is paid to English. We should talk in Hindi. We should focus on Urdu.

Pakistanis got angry on Javed Akhtar’s statement

Javed Akhtar’s statement regarding Urdu is not being accepted by the Pakistanis. A Pakistan user has written, ‘Let me tell you that Urdu is the national language of Pakistan. What new logic have you come up with? One Yazoor wrote, ‘It seems there is no stopping Javed Akhtar when it comes to making objectionable statements about Pakistan, its culture and its people.’ One user has written, ‘It seems that Javed Akhtar wants to remain in headlines after returning from Pakistan.’ A user has written, ‘A few days after the anti-Pakistan comment, Javed Akhtar claimed that Urdu is an Indian or Hindustani language and does not belong to Pakistan.’

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