Javed Akhtar told Urdu the language of India, again showed the mirror to Pakistan

Javed Akhtar on Urdu: Bollywood’s most famous lyricist Javed Akhtar are in discussion these days. Recently Javed Akhtar had shown the mirror to Pakistan. In fact he had gone to Pakistan a few days back where he talked about the 26/11 Mumbai terror attacks. Along with this, Javed Akhtar had also criticized the Pakistani government for giving shelter to the terrorists. Meanwhile, a statement of Javed Akhtar has come to the fore. He said in an event that Urdu is not the language of Pakistan or Egypt, but of ‘Hindustan’. Along with this, Javed has said many other things.

Javed Akhtar said this about Urdu language

Recently, the lyricist along with his wife Shabana Azmi launched an Urdu poetry album titled Shayrana-Sartaj. During this, Javed Akhtar said, ‘Urdu has not come from any other place. It is our own language. It is not spoken outside India. Pakistan also came into existence after partition from India, earlier it was only a part of India. That’s why the language is not spoken outside India.’ According to Javed Akhtar, Punjab has a big role in the development of Urdu.

Javed Akhtar is known for his impeccable style

Javed Akhtar said about Punjabi language, ‘Punjab has contributed a lot to Urdu and it is the language of India. But why did you leave this language? Because of partition? Because of Pakistan? Urdu needs attention. Earlier there used to be only Hindustan, later Pakistan was formed by separating from Hindustan’ Let us tell that Javed Akhtar is known for his outspoken style. He remains very active on Twitter. Javed Akhtar gives his opinion on every issue.


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