#AskBholaa: ‘Why do every film with Tabu?’ Ajay Devgn gave a funny answer, made even ‘Pathan’ happy

Ajay Devgn reveals why he does every movie with Tabu: Bollywood superstar Ajay Devgan is busy promoting his film Bhola these days. For this, Ajay Devgan has tried King Khan’s recipe. Superstar Ajay Devgan is also working day and night these days to make his film Bhola a blockbuster. Ajay Devgan has recently approached direct fans for promotion on the lines of Shah Rukh Khan for his film Bhola. Ajay Devgan recently held an Ask Me Anything session for his fans on Twitter. Where the Singham star was seen answering the questions of his fans in a funny way. Watch interesting tidbits from the actor’s Ask Me Anything session here.

Heard there are a lot of cameos in Bhola? Don’t tell me anything
In response to this question, Ajay Devgan said, ‘I have also heard something similar.’

When will Nazar Lag Jayegi be released?
Answering this fan’s question, Ajay Devgan wrote, ‘Tomorrow’

one word for shahrukh khan sir
On this Ajay Devgan said, ‘Only for love Pathan’

If you reply, I will take my girlfriend along with me to watch the movie.
Commenting on this, Ajay Devgan wrote, ‘Take girlfriend with the family, then the relationship is sure’

what do you do in free time
Answering this question of the fan, the actor wrote, ‘I will tell you when I have free time.’

You are doing all the movies with Tabu. Any reason?
Answering this question, the actor wrote, ‘Dates Mil Gaye Uske’

How are you so fit at this age?
Responding to this, the actor commented and wrote, ‘I eat food and brain in the right amount.’

Hindi remake of Kaithi is Bhola

Let us tell you that Ajay Devgan and Tabu starrer film Bhola is a Hindi remake of the blockbuster Tamil film. This film has been directed by actor Ajay Devgan himself. Ajay Devgan is in the lead role in the film. Whereas, his opposite actress Amala Paul will be seen. Tabu is also going to play an interesting character in the film Bhola. So are you excited about this film? Tell us your opinion by commenting.

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