Anil Kapoor’s lookalike shared a collage with the actor, fans said- ‘Hair is short, not valid’

Seeing the life of the actors of Bollywood industry, many people want to live life like them but it is not easy. But do you know that all the Bollywood stars are lookalike who may not be active in the film world but remain in a lot of discussion. Every day the photos of the lookalike of all the stars keep going viral. now veteran actor Anil Kapoor Photos of his lookalike are going viral. His fans are commenting fiercely on these photos. The special thing is that Anil Kapoor’s lookalike is not from India but from America.

Anil Kapoor and his lookalike collage went viral

Anil Kapoor K lookalike John Afer is a fitness coach in America. He has shared all his pictures on his Instagram account. John Afer recently shared a collage of himself and Anil Kapoor’s picture. In this, on one side, John Afer is taking a mirror selfie while flaunting his body. On the other hand, there is an old photo of Anil Kapoor. This collage became viral as soon as it was shared and people have started giving their reaction on it.

People’s comments on Anil Kapoor’s lookalike

On the collage of Anil Kapoor and John Afer, a user wrote, ‘Anil Kapoor without chest hair was spotted for the first time.’ One user wrote, ‘Bhai hair is short, you have, not valid.’ One user wrote, ‘Copy of Anil Kapoor.’ One user has written, ‘Apna brother looks absolutely like Anil Kapoor.’ In this way, many users have commented.

anil kapoor upcoming movies

Anil Kapoor may have turned 65 years old but he competes with young actors with his fitness. Talking about the work front, Anil Kapoor will be seen working in Ranbir Kapoor’s film ‘Animal’. Apart from this, he will also be seen in Hrithik Roshan’s film Fighter. Anil Kapoor was last seen in the film ‘Jug Jug Jio’ which released in June. The film did decent business at the box office.

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