Akshay Kumar’s attitude loosened as soon as ‘Hera Pheri 3’ went out of hand! Said- I have to reduce the fees

Akshay Kumar on Movie Fees: Well-known Bollywood star Akshay Kumar is in a lot of discussion these days. Recently, he has said something about the film ‘Hera Pheri 3’, due to which his fans have been disappointed. He told that he is not a part of this film. After this, many types of reports have come out. Some reports have claimed that Akshay Kumar’s fees were high, due to which the film has been thrown out of his hands. Now in the meantime, Akshay Kumar has spoken a lot about his fees. After knowing this, filmmakers can be quite happy.

Akshay Kumar will reduce his fees

Akshay Kumar The third part of the most talked about film Hera Pheri has gone out of his hands. Since then, Akshay Kumar has remained in a lot of discussion. Now in the meantime, Akshay Kumar has spoken such a thing about his fees, which the film makers were waiting for a long time. According to the report of ‘Hindustan Times’, Akshay Kumar said, ‘I want to start in a completely new way and I have started it too. We need to understand what people want. I have to reduce my fees by 30-40. For information, let us tell you that Akshay Kumar’s films are not able to show box office amazing. The recently released films ‘Ram Setu’ and ‘Rakshabandhan’ have not earned much at the box office.

This actor will be seen in place of Akshay Kumar in Hera Pheri

Film by Akshay KumarHera Pheri 3‘ Has gone, Akshay Kumar himself has given information about it. According to media reports, Karthik Aryan can be seen in the role of Raju in place of Akshay Kumar. For information, let us tell you that Karthik Aryan was recently seen in Bhool Bhulaiyaa 2.

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