Ajay Devgan is troubled by Nysa Devgan’s trolling, Bhola actor expressed his pain

Ajay Devgn on Nysa Devgan: Bollywood Star Ajay Devgn these days his upcoming film Bhola Because of which they are in discussion. Recently the trailer of this film was released which was liked by the people. Seeing the trailer, people have assumed that Ajay Devgan’s movie is going to earn big at the box office. Ajay Devgan is promoting his film Bhola in full swing. In a recent event, Ajay Devgan has interacted with the media in which he has made many revelations. During this Ajay married his daughter Nysa Devgan talked about.

Ajay Devgan said this

In fact, at an event Ajay Devan was questioned about the trolling of his daughter Nyasa. Talking on this, Ajay said, ‘I explain to both my children that they should not pay attention to the things written online, it should not cause any problem to them. I say that the number of people trolling you is very less as compared to your fans and audience. Ajay said, I do not know from where so much negativity comes in people’s mind. Now I have also learned to ignore it and I advise my children to ignore these things in the same way. I just don’t understand what they write sometimes, so now I have stopped worrying.

Ajay’s Bhola will release on this day

Ajay Devgan further said, people always have their eyes on my children and I am very upset about this. I cannot change these things nor can I stop trolling online. Sometimes trolls write something that cannot even be thought of, but what to do? If I give any answer, the matter will escalate further. Let’s tell that Ajay Devgan’s daughter Nyasa Devgan keeps on getting spots. Wherever she goes, the paparazzi follow her. At the same time, trolls also keep their eyes on Nyasa Devgan. Talking about Ajay Devgan’s film Bhola, this movie is going to release on March 30.

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