Adipurush Teaser: People furious after seeing ‘Ravana’ with cut hair and beard, seeing the look of Saif Ali Khan said – Alauddin Khilji…

Adipurush Teaser: The teaser of Prabhas and Saif Ali Khan’s most awaited film ‘Adipurush’ has been released, about which mixed reactions of people are coming out. Jahan as Modern Ram in the teaser of ‘Adipurush’ Radiance (Prabhas) is seen, while actress Kriti Sanon is playing the role of Mother Sita. Actor Saif Ali Khan is seen as the ‘Ravan’ of the modern era. On one hand, while fans are praising Prabhas and Kriti’s look in ‘Adipurush’, there is a lot of resentment among people about Saif Ali Khan’s look.

Bearded ‘Ravana’ did not like people

‘Raavan’ in the film ‘Adipurush’ directed by Om Raut Saif Ali Khan Seeing the look of the film, people are fiercely expressing their anger towards the makers. While Saif Ali Khan, who became ‘Ravan’ in ‘Adipurush’, is seen in cut hair, he has a mustache and beard. Regarding this look of Saif Ali Khan, users are accusing the makers of the film of insulting Hinduism. Along with this, they are also demanding to boycott this film on social media.

Saif Ali Khan looks like Alauddin Khilji, not Ravana

‘Lone man’ In the teaser, Saif Ali Khan looks like a dreaded Mughal ruler instead of ‘Raavan’. Seeing this look of Saif Ali Khan, trolls say that Saif is yet to come out of his Alauddin Khilji character.

One user wrote, “There were lakhs of evils in Ravana, but he never wore such a hairstyle.” At the same time, another user wrote, “This film is an insult to Ramayana. Why are Ravana and Hanuman not wearing crowns for the first time. What kind of haircut is this giving to Saif? He looks exactly like Khilji. Ravana is the most. There were intelligent brahmins, but in this look his janeu was not visible, please don’t hurt our sentiments.” Let us tell you that the film ‘Adipurush’ will be released on January 12 next year.





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