Aamir Khan Birthday: Aamir Khan did not bathe for 10-12 days when the scene was not completed, fear was haunting him

Aamir Khan Birthday: Bollywood’s Mr. Perfectionist Aamir Khan is celebrating his 58th birthday today. On this occasion, along with the fans, celebrities are also congratulating him. Aamir Khan has done many superhit films in his career. One thing is famous about Aamir that he plays his every character with full devotion and is ready to do anything to make his character perfect. One such famous story is related to Aamir Khan’s film ‘Ghulam’. To make the climax shooting of this film perfect, Aamir had vowed not to take bath for 10-12 days.

This story related to the life of Aamir Khan is very interesting.

The film ‘Ghulam’, released in the year 1998, proved to be a super hit at the box office. in this movie Aamir While the strong acting of Rani Mukherjee was well-liked, the pairing of Rani Mukherjee with Aamir was also well established in the film. The song ‘Aati Kya Khandala’ from this film still remains on the hearts of people. But do you know that during the shooting of ‘Ghulam’, the actor had vowed not to take bath for 10-12 days to make his scene perfect.

Let us tell you that in the climax scene of ‘Ghulam’, Aamir Khan is beaten up by the villain, due to which dirt accumulated on the actor’s face during the shooting of this scene. But despite this the climax scene of the film could not be shot completely. Aamir Khan wanted this scene of the film to be completely perfect. But due to non-completion of the shooting, the actor began to fear that if the dirt is removed from his face now, then his look would not be the same again. According to media reports, considering this and to make his scene perfect, Aamir Khan had decided not to take bath for 10-12 days.

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