Take the new one by giving the old AC! Power companies are giving cool offers in Delhi

New Delhi. If you are thinking of buying AC, then this news is for you because the power companies in Delhi are giving huge discounts on AC. Not only this, you can also take a new AC by giving the old AC. Not everyone will get the benefit of this offer. For this you need to fulfill certain conditions. Let us also tell you about this scheme.

The first condition is that you should have an electricity connection in Delhi and if you want to exchange the old AC, that is, you want to get a new AC by giving the old AC, then the condition of the old AC should be fine and it is cooling. . In case of dead, it cannot be exchanged. If you want to save electricity bill by exchanging old AC, then this scheme is best for you.

You can also get information related to this scheme from the official website. For this you have to go online and fill a form. In this, you have to fill the information related to your electricity connection and also give information about the old AC in this form. Also, here you get a chance to choose the one of your choice. Also, the specialty of this AC is that only Inverter AC is offered in it.

As we have already told you that for this you must have an electricity connection. Here you also get a list on the official website. In this, there is a complete list of ACs available under the offer. Only AC present in this list can be taken in Exchange Offer. You can also apply for it online. If the application is not made then AC will not be available.

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