Install these small fans with LEDs, electricity will be saved and the TV will never be damaged!

New Delhi. With the change in technology, the shape of TV has also changed. After replacing the TVs that used to come earlier, LED TVs have come. However, there are many types of problems with LED TVs. The main reason for the failure of LED TV is the overheating of the mother board. After putting it in the LED stand, LEDs get spoiled more quickly. Because air does not pass through it. But now there is a cure for this too.

The plate that comes with the name of Solar Home System Air Fan can be bought both online and offline. You will also get a bumper discount when you buy online. You can also charge your phone by putting it in it. It also has a lot of LED lights. It also has an AC Adapter for current. It can also be left on a single charge.

How does it work?

Now the question comes that how does this work? As we have already mentioned that it has a small fan at the back. As soon as the fan is turned on, the heat of the LED TV starts decreasing. Before the LED TV’s mother board gets damaged, it turns on and lets out all the heat. This also doubles the life of the LED TV. Along with this, the problem of hang also goes away.

How much does this fan run after charging-

Once charged, this fan can be used for more than 24 hours. A small battery has also been fitted in it. The battery may need to be charged frequently. Its life also doubles after charging. However, after discharging after a short time, the speed of its fans decreases significantly. But it gives a lot of relief. Also doubles the life of the LED.

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