If you do not want to go to jail, then know these things before using SIM card!

SIM Card: We all use SIM card in our mobile phone because without it the mobile phone is useless but are you aware that even a SIM card can feed you the air of jail. If not, then today we are going to give you detailed information about some similar things through this article that how even a SIM card can reach you directly in jail.

Fraud due to wrong use of SIM card
One thing that should always be tied in a knot that your SIM card should never fall into the hands of a wrong person, that’s because the loss is that if the person in front does any fraud with your SIM card, then you will be jailed for this. Might have to eat If you ever lose your SIM-card, then get the number switched off immediately, otherwise you may have to face problems if the SIM card is used incorrectly.

Threats from misuse of SIM card
Suppose your SIM card has fallen into the hands of a wrong person and if the person in front of you threatens to call another person from your number, then in such a situation also you may have to face the air of jail. That is why it is always advised that even if you have an extra SIM, even if someone is very close to you, never give your SIM card to anyone. Because because of someone else, you may have to face trouble.

This big loss can reach you

SIM Card Swap
SIM card swapping can also harm you. SIM card swapping means changing SIM cards. Nowadays, this has become a new tool of fraudsters, which happens without your knowledge. Fraudulent fraudsters issue another SIM card of the same number, after which the entire money in your bank account can be lost by putting OTP.

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