Going to buy AC? So first understand the difference between Inverter vs Non Inverter AC

Now the time is coming to increase the heat in India and during this time people buy AC the most. If you are looking for a new AC, then you can turn to Inverter AC. Here we are telling you about inverter technology in AC.

What is inverter technology in AC
In AC, inverter technology acts as a controller for electric voltage, current and frequency. This allows the inverter AC to control cooling or heating by manipulating the power supply to the compressor. This allows the inverter AC to have perfect control over the cooling effect.

What are non-inverter ACs
Non-inverter ACs only have the option to turn the compressor on or off to adjust the temperature. They come with clearly defined cooling power, which means the AC can turn the compressor on or off depending on the surrounding temperature.

Inverter vs Non-Inverter Technology
The major difference between these ACs is that they operate and handle the compressor of the AC to manage the cooling and heating. Inverter ACs have the option to manipulate their operating capacity, whereas non-inverter ACs can operate only at a specified capacity. They cannot modulate the compressor to adjust the cooling or heating capacity of the AC.
According to Daikin, a 1.5-ton inverter AC can operate between 0.3-ton and 1.5-ton, while a non-inverter AC will always operate at 1.5-ton.

Inverter can protect against fluctuations in AC temperature
One of the real advantages of inverter ACs over normal ACs is that they can keep the temperature stable. Whereas with non-inverter AC the temperature may vary. For example, if you have set the AC to 24-degrees, an inverter AC will maintain the temperature throughout operation, whereas a non-inverter AC can raise or lower the temperature by 1 or 2 degrees.

Inverters are less harmful to AC temperature
Modern inverter ACs use R32 refrigerant which not only provides better cooling capacity but also emits less harmful emissions.

Inverter ACs are expensive but more energy efficient
Inverter ACs are generally costlier than non-inverter ACs. However, their operating costs are low in the long run, as they can operate at both high and low capacities as per the requirement. A non-inverter AC can just shut down the compressor and turn it back on when needed. But the power consumed to turn the compressor back on may be more than the power saved by turning it off.

Inverter ACs are also long lasting
ACs last for at least a few years. However, due to the operating method alone, compressors in inverter ACs are more durable and last longer than non-inverter ACs.

Inverter ACs show less performance than non-inverter ACs
Inverter ACs have less operating sound than non-inverter ACs. Hitech Inverter ACs also have Sleep Mode or Quiet Mode as an option.

Inverter AC has less maintenance
Inverter AC can give many advantages over normal AC. But with inverter AC, the maintenance cost can be high.

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