Broadband will run at stormy speed, add this wire to the router, the movie will be downloaded in a pinch

New Delhi. Internet has become the need of everyone now. This is the reason that now broadband is being installed in every house, but many times even after installing fast speed broadband, we are not able to get the full downloading speed. However, the technology of the Internet has changed very rapidly over time. But still, after taking a fast speed plan, full speed is not available, today we are going to tell you some such home remedies, which will make your broadband speed absolutely stormy.

Recently fiber internet connections have come. Many local providers including Airtel and Jio also install fiber connections. If you attach a fiber wire to your router, then it starts giving very high speed. Its specialty is that if you take a plan of 100 Mbps, then you get more than 100 Mbps speed, while the speed is very less in normal LAN.

Now the second biggest reason behind the slow internet speed is that the router is not good, you should install a router at home only considering the speed of your internet. Before buying a router, you should consult the internet provider because router also has its own speed. Even if the speed of the router will not be correct and you take the plan with higher speed, you will not get the full speed.

Now let us discuss once about the Internet plant. Different companies have different plans, local providers can also give you a plan of Hundred Mbps for ₹ 500, while for Airtel or Jio, you will have to pay some amount more. To get 100 Mbps plan in Jio, you will have to spend 699 + GST. In this you get Unlimited 100 Mbps speed.

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