Zwigato Review: Kapil Sharma’s different style is good but… Read full review of Nandita Das’s film

Movie: Zwigato

Cast: Kapil Sharma and Shahana Goswami

Director: Nandita Das

Rating: ** 1/2

Release : Theater

Famous comedians who made everyone laugh on the small screen Kapil Sharma a film by ‘zwigato’ Has been released in theatres. Produced by Applause Media, Directed by Nandita Das has done it. Kapil is playing the role of a food delivery driver in the film. Must read this review before watching the movie. Talking about the story of Kapil Sharma’s much awaited film Zvigato, Kapil Sharma is playing the role of Manas in this film. Lives with his family in Odisha, Jharkhand. Manas has lost his job due to the Corona epidemic. In such a situation, Manas is unemployed for the last eight months. After a long wait, Manas starts working to deliver food in the food delivery app Zwigato.

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Despite the commencement of work, the difficulties of Manas do not take the name of reducing. As a food delivery driver, Manas comes across many rude customers. Those who treat Manas very badly. But even after all this, Manas is honest towards his job and tries his best to deliver food to the people on time. Sometimes money is also deducted from the salary of Manas when he is late. So sometimes the feedback of the customers affects the earning of Manas. In the film, Manas’s wife Pratima works as a cleaning worker in a shopping mall to help with household expenses. Now what other problems he has to face in Manas’ life and how he emerges from this whole affair with his family, it will be interesting to see.

story and direction

Let us tell you that after the films Firaaq (2008) and Manto (2018), Zwigato is the third such film by Nandita Das, in which she has shown the poverty and poor economic condition of the country. According to statistics, more than 50 million people are unemployed in the country. In such a situation, lakhs of people like Manas consider themselves lucky to get a job. Nandita Das has also beautifully presented the difference between the rich and poor sections of the country in the film. It can be seen in the film that the poor people earn for a week. Rich people spend more money than that to buy expensive fruits like avocados.

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Not only this, in Zwigato, Nandita Das has made a sincere effort to show the growing elitism in the country, that is, the difference between poverty and richness. In the film, the difference between the rich and the poor, from money to vehicles, from houses to clothes, has been shown very easily. Kapil, who brings smile on people’s faces, has played the character of a common man who fights life everyday in the form of Manas. Shahana Goswami, who is playing the character of Kapil’s wife in the role of Pratima, has also done full justice to her role. The story of the film shows the bitter truth of the society. How a husband and wife face all the difficulties of life and despite all the problems, both remain happy in their world.

Know what is missing

The story of Zwigato touches the heart, but seeing it in the theatre, it definitely seems that Kapil’s film is made for the festival. The film has been stretched at some places. Kapil Sharma fans settled in Punjab, Delhi, Canada and UK like him in Punjabi avatar. This is the reason why Kapil’s fans will not be able to connect with Manas, who is working in Odisha. There are many such scenes ranging from politics in the film, which were not needed.

see why

If you like Kapil’s different style, then you can definitely watch this film. If you like the films shown in the festival, then this film is for you.

why not see

If you do not like to see Kapil in a different style, then you can skip this film. This film is quite different from Bollywood masala films.

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