Why was the acting king Naseeruddin Shah at number fifty in the class of fifty children?

What will anyone say about Naseer’s acting…what will he write? He is an amazing natural actor. The character he played made that character alive. If a list of actors acting from the heart is made, then Naseer’s name will be in the initial cast. Naseer’s personality is such that after talking to him you will feel that he is a very serious person. very disciplined. But when you investigate them, the truth will come out. The truth that takes Naseer to his childhood. Where everything was there except studies. This story is very interesting.

Naseer himself says- “My condition in studies was very bad. There was no heart at all in studies. Nor did I try to put. I learned to smoke cigarettes from the eighth grade itself. I would have also kept the result card of that year, according to which I was in the 50th position in the class. The interesting thing is that there were only fifty children in my class. When Naseer narrates this anecdote, there is also a mischief in his eyes.

Naseer’s heart used to play cricket

This was the same time when Naseeruddin Shah’s Baba was transferred to Ajmer. His retirement was also near. In those days the retirement age was fifty years. After some time, Baba of Nasir was made the administrative officer of Ajmer. His money also increased. Naseer remembers this incident because at the same time his father was happy and bought a radio. In his childhood, apart from poetry-stories, Naseer had a tremendous passion for cricket. You will be surprised to know that all the Test matches Naseer used to watch in those days, he used to keep it in his record by writing the scorecard.

Naseer has also played a few matches. Then why didn’t you become a cricketer? Naseer says- The idea of ​​becoming a cricketer had come, but the problem was that neither anyone ever told me nor I could understand from myself what kind of player I am. Yes, I definitely remember that a boy named Prabhat Kapil once took a hat-trick in a match and I was his third victim. I also remember that in those days I used to buy a magazine named Sport and Pastime with the pocket money I got every week.

Change came after studying in Aligarh

Later, when Naseer grew up, he started concentrating a little in studies. Obviously after that their results also started getting better. Naseer studied in Aligarh. He learned to speak his tongue only after staying in Aligarh for three years, because before that he had studied in English schools only. Naseer recalls, “When I lived in Aligarh for three years, I had to speak Urdu colloquially with everyone there. This increased my learning in Urdu a little. Which was of great benefit later. I met some masters in Aligarh, there was Zahida Zaidi who was in the English Department and Muneebur Rahman Sahab was in Islamic Studies. Both these people were very fond of drama and they both encouraged me a lot.”

Continuing his point, Naseer says- “Now that I remember, I feel that whatever Aligarh has given me is a treasure. Now if something bad happens in Aligarh, it is a pity. Aligarh has given me a lot. I went to National School of Drama only after graduation from Aligarh. After which theater and acting came in a big role in my life.

Naseer met his first wife in Aligarh

It was in Aligarh that Naseer met his first wife. Parveen was 34 years old when Naseer met her, it was Parveen’s last year of MBBS. Parveen was 14 years older than Naseer. Everyone in the university knew him. Parveen was a Pakistani citizen. Her childhood was spent in Karachi with her father and later she was studying with her mother in Aligarh.

Naseer explains- “Parveen was going on courses one after the other to stay in India. In those days I became friends with Parveen. Parveen always explained to me that I am taking the right step in the acting world. Gradually our friendship deepened and we started meeting almost every evening. Later both of us decided to get married. Not everyone liked this decision, but we got married. One day I was in Delhi when I got information from Telegram that Parveen is going to be a mother. By the time I reached Aligarh, Heeba was born. Sometime after Heeba’s birth, Parveen and I got separated due to some personal reasons.

Naseer did not watch Hindi movies in his childhood

All the films that Naseeruddin Shah saw in his childhood were in other languages. Mostly English. The first Hindi film he saw was Long Days Happen. There were two reasons behind this. Firstly, there was a child actor in this film and secondly that Naseer’s Baba was the Deputy Collector in Nainital at that time. Obviously, those people could go to any cinema hall and watch the film.

Naseer, a veteran actor of Hindi cinema, says- “From the age of five to the age of twenty-five, whatever cinema I saw is very important in my life. The shocking thing is that there was no Hindi film in it. Not that I didn’t like Hindi movies. I remember very well that I had seen Dara Singh’s films in those days. I loved Shammi Kapoor. Apart from this, there was a period of artists like Kishore Kumar, Dilip Kumar, Balraj Sahni, Dev Anand. Among the artists of that era, I liked Mehmood’s acting. Among the actresses there was the era of Waheeda Rehman, Nargis, Madhubala, Nutan, Tanuja, Asha Parikh.

He further says- “Among so many actors and actresses, I came towards Hindi films in the second part of my life. Ammi started watching films when I started acting, Baba used to watch mostly English films. I consider it necessary to mention that my father has never seen any of my plays. The only play he had seen was Sultan Razia that took place at the Meghdoot Theater in Delhi.

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