When there is a fight between Alia and Ranbir, who says sorry first? The actor said – I am…

Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor (Ranbir Kapoor) is about to complete one year of marriage. But, the discussions about the wedding of these two are still making headlines. Meanwhile, Ranbir, who recently reached Kareena Kapoor’s show, spoke openly about his marriage. Please tell that this season 4 of Kareena’s show What Women Want is going on. In the very first episode of which the cousin brother of the actress Ranbir Kapoor participated. In the video you can see that this first episode of Kareena Kapoor’s show is becoming increasingly viral. Different clips of Ranbir are also being shared on social media. Kareena asks Ranbir questions on Alia and their relationship on the show. The question of the actress is, do you fight while awake or do you sleep? Ranbir gave a very funny answer to this question.

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The actor said that I go to sleep and start again in the morning. When there is a fight in a couple, many times such things are said which do not matter. However, many things said in the midst of a quarrel are such that they remain in the mind of the person in front. On which it is very important to talk because these things are said in the heat of the moment. When there is a fight, I walk away.

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On this, the actor’s cousin sister Kareena Kapoor asks another question. She says how are you so sensitive? Ranbir further says that I think Alia and my relationship is very good. The space between us is even better. The actor further called Aaliya a lawyer and said that she argues on something until she gives her opinion. But, I have neither any ego nor I have any self-respect. Whether I am right or wrong, I say sorry first.

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