When Dharmendra slapped Sanjay Khan, brother Firoz Khan’s reaction was like this

Sanjay Khan Birthday: Bollywood actor Sanjay Khan could not show any special feat in the industry at the beginning of his career. Even after having good songs and romantic stories, it was seen that his films did not do well. Later some of his roles were liked. His work on the small screen was also appreciated. Especially for playing the role of Tipu Sultan, he was applauded a lot. At the beginning of his career, something happened to the actor which he would hardly ever want to forget. Telling the story when Dharmendra slapped Tipu Sultan of the small screen in a crowded gathering.

Partying with Dharmendra

Actor Sanjay Khan is celebrating his 82nd birthday. Once upon a time there were newcomers in the actor industry. He was working in a film with Dharmendra. Dharmendra has always been a man of food and drink. At that time, he had a special thing that he used to mix with the cast of the film in which he worked. In the evening after work, there is a gathering. Sanjay Khan attended one such party of Dharmendra. There were other stars associated with the film industry in that party. Everything was going well in the party but things started deteriorating when Dharam Paji made Sanjay drink too much alcohol.

Dharmendra could not tolerate the evil of Om Prakash

Changes started coming in Sanjay’s antics under the influence of alcohol. They started talking nonsense about the stars. At first Dharmendra came and tried to make him understand with love. But Sanjay did not agree. The matter escalated when Sanjay started speaking in reverse about veteran actor Om Prakash. Dharmendra could not resist this and he slapped Sanjay in a crowded gathering.

Firoz Khan reacted like this

Seeing this, all the people present there were quite surprised. Everyone was silent and were thinking that what happened that Sanjay Khan slapped Dharmendra. Please tell that later Dharmendra also felt sad about this and to apologize for his mistake, he reached Sanjay’s elder brother Firoz Khan. But Firoz Khan also came to know about the whole matter. He told Dharmendra that no problem. He should be punished for his actions. you did it right If I were in your place, I would have done the same.

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