Used to fight… used to be jealous of each other, but every morning… Anupam Kher is not able to forget the sorrow of Satish Kaushik

Anupam Kher Emotional Video: Satish Kaushik, who used to make everyone laugh and tickle, is no longer in this world. Anupam Kher is deeply hurt by the sudden demise of Satish Kaushik. They are not able to overcome this sorrow even if they want to. After all, the friendship between the two was so old. Anupam Kher and Satish Kaushik were friends for 45 years. However, now Anupam Kher will have to live with the help of his friend’s memories. Anupam Kher has shared a video in which he is very emotional and lost in the memories of his friend Satish Kaushik. Anupam Kher became emotional after remembering Satish Kaushik Anupam Kher became emotional once again while remembering Satish Kaushik. He has shared a video on Instagram in which he is saying that he is saddened by his friend’s departure and hence is talking to people. However, Anupan Kher is unable to come to terms with the sorrow of his friend’s departure. He is being fed up with the fact that his friend Satish is no more in the world today. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) Also read: I will come back, if not then why did Amitabh Bachchan say this after getting injured? Both had a deep friendship of 45 years. Anupam Kher had a habit like Satish Kaushik. The one you don’t want to leave, but now that Satish Kaushik is no more, Anupam Kher is unable to understand how to tolerate it. Anupam Kher became emotional after remembering his friend. In the video, Anupam Kher is saying that ‘I was thinking today whether to eat, what food to eat. Then suddenly I remembered that let’s call Satish. I picked up the phone and was about to call him when I remembered. All this is very difficult for me. We have spent 45 years with each other. We dreamed together…started life together…we worked hard…many times we were jealous of each other and then reached this point. View this post on Instagram A post shared by Anupam Kher (@anupampkher) read this also: Preity Zinta, Mindy Kaling pose with Junior Ntr at Pre Oscar party, Priyanka Anupam Kher meets Malala everyday at 8 am or 8:30 am Satish used to call Kaushik in between. Now they are feeling that emptiness. Anupam Kher is not interested in anything, but he has to move on from it. That’s why he is sharing his feelings with the fans. Even after the death of his father, Anupam Kher was troubled for a long time. But this is life, it has to be carried forward.

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