TV9 Exclusive: ‘Haryanvi’ film industry has now improved, earlier double meaning songs were made…. : Yashpal Sharma

After “Turban – The Honor” in 2016, the Haryanvi film ‘Dada Lakhmi’ has once again received the National Award. Although this year’s award actor Yashpal Sharma This is very special for him because he has also directed the film ‘Dada Lakhmi’. In a special conversation with Tv9 Bharatvarsh, Yashpal Sharma told that in the initial days, I felt that it has been so many years that I have not done anything for Haryanvi films and how to do it because something is happening in the film industry of Haryana. Wasn’t.”

Know what Yashpal Sharma has to say

Recalling the old days of the Haryana film industry, Yashpal Sharma said, “During that time the Haryana film industry had double meaning dialogues, double meaning videos and dirty dirty songs whose titles were strange. It was very bad. Now, the music and songs of Haryana are becoming a big hit and have spread all over the world. Although at that time I was not getting a chance but the film Turban changed everything. After this film, I decided to do good work for Haryanvi films. Although I do not know about this, I do not want anyone’s praise. I just want to do my job.”

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Refused from more than 20 films

Yashpal Sharma says that the film ‘Dada Lakhmi; For this he left many projects. In five years, he refused more than 20 films. Talking about this, he said that when I was working on Dada Lakhmi, I worked full time only so that I could run home. During this, many said that what will you be able to do where big people could not do anything but I did not give up. I wanted Haryanvi films to also get awards, our films should also go to the Oscars. Thinking this, I focused on the film and kept working for it. Now see the result is in front.

Part 2 of the film is also ready

Let us tell you, actor Yashpal Sharma has made the film ‘Dada Lakhmi’ in two parts. So far the first part of this film has been released. The second part may appear soon. Talking about his future project, he said that he was never short of work. Even today he has many scripts. After the completion of the work on the film, he has done a lot of work in the last one year and soon this work will be released in OTT and theaters. Yashpal Sharma says that “Although I did many big films, but now I am really enjoying my work as an actor.”

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